Aknazar Kazhymurat is an Internet troll and a would-be mathematician with apparently nothing better to do than invade mathematical websites and create (literally) hundreds of alter egos who barrage the site with randomly generated questions, applaud and upvote each others' posts, demand constant attention, disrupt everyone else's efforts to use the site productively, and impose huge policing burdens on the sites' volunteer moderators.

There are two main theories about his motivations:

Theory 1. By asking countless randomly generated questions, Aknazar hopes to occasionally get an answer that he can then plagiarize to buttress his own credentials as a "real" mathematician. This would explain the constant creation of new and unmemorable usernames, which are typically deleted from the site (along with the questions) in short order. He can ask 100 unmotivated questions under 100 different usernames, get one answer, delete his tracks, and then write up that answer as if he'd thought of it himself.

Theory 2. He's in it for the attention and the pure malicious joy of vandalism. He lives to disrupt the work of people who are smarter and more productive than he is.

Because mathematics is a bit of an esoteric subject, it might be easier to understand the nature of Aknazar's questions with a cooking analogy. Imagine a site where a small number of professional chefs gather to discuss the details of their recipes, the advantages of one spice over another, etc. Then one day, thirty new users appear, all with different names, all asking questions like: "What if you mixed spaghetti with licorice?" and "Why not put ice cream in salads?" and "What's the best temperature for an oven?" and "Is there any recipe for stew that uses exactly seventeen ingredients?". They drown out the serious conversation, they upvote each other's posts (causing them to appear at the top of the pages, and thereby making others less visible), and disappear as fast as they appeared, only to be replaced by others just like them, at a dizzying pace, for weeks on end, and driving both the users and the moderators to distraction.

That's Aknazar.

Among the identities Aknazar has adopted on Mathoverflow.Net are, these: cardinal, schematic_boi, goingfullscheme, valua_aint_no_galois, going-full-isomorphic, logicians_rule, martintzar, royalroadtogeometry, bundlist, compactbut, faptoint, you_dont_mess_with_ron, ron_is_striking_back, Emmy_to_Noether, commutative_drinker, m_for_motive, drama_dorama, gentleman_gaga, motive_for_m, livehard, user141225, PDShoot, Gimme An Answer, La fille, Name, etalien, topo-mopo, naraka-path, preta-path, animal-path, human-path, deva-path, drama-dorama, and curious-girl. (This is the tip of the iceberg).

He has also created a great many (and I mean a great many) users all named kartop_man, a roughly equal number all named asura-sun, and likewise for phd, numberian, and others.

Oh! And he's also tried to create the impression that other (legitimate) users are among his alter egos, in an apparent attempt to get them kicked off the site, just for sport.

Aknazar is, as you might expect from his maturity level, a high school student. But he's Harvard-bound in the fall, and might be arriving to find that he's already alienated a significant fraction of the mathematicians he hopes to work with.

Indeed Aknazar often seems to act as if his goal is to become unwelcome anywhere in the mathematical community. Many wish him great success in that endeavor.